Vision and Mission

Our vision is to see every church in Scotland serving young people, families and communities well.  We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and that in villages, towns and cities across Scotland there are churches full of people who can bring real hope and transformation to young people, families and communities.

We are passionate about our core values of investing in individuals, restoring relationships and calling communities.

We work towards our vision by providing programmes, events and offering local churches support.  We create, run and support programmes which serve young people, families and the community.  These programmes are delivered by the local church, led by community need and are run in partnership with the voluntary sector, statutory sector and the community.  All of our programmes are long term and designed to create lasting relationships.  We run our programmes in schools, churches and in the community.

We also run one off or annual events.  Our events are designed to complement our programmes.  Our events include Family Weekends where we can offer breaks to families that we work with throughout the year.  A free summer camp for the young people we work with who are in P6-S3.  We also run events like Connect (our discipleship weekend) for our volunteers and other Christians where we can invest in and disciple them as they take a break from serving in their church.

We support churches by working in partnership with them to serve young people, families and communities across Scotland but with a particular emphasis on Central Scotland.  Through our partnerships we are able to place children’s and youth workers into churches and communities to catalyse projects, building up volunteer bases and networks.  We also offer a range of training and seminars to help churches to start, progress and maintain their community engagement.

If you would like us to share more about the work of Go! Youth Trust with your church why not invite us along to give a report?

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