Go! Ahead

Go! Ahead is our confidence and self-esteem building programme which we have run since 2011 with Primary Schools across Central Scotland.  The programme in that time has had positive reviews from schools, social work, family support, health visitors, parents and pupils.  We regularly see attendance and engagement increase and challenging behaviour decrease as a direct result of our support.

The programme is run once a year within our partner schools with a group of 4 or 6 P6 pupils.

The programme is split into two parts a six-week personal development programme run in a small group setting.

The six week personal development programme consists of a number of games, activities and challenges which are designed to increase confidence and self-esteem.  Each session finishes with a chance for the pupil to reflect on the activities and get to know their coach in a 1:1 setting through journaling their experience.

The year concludes with an awards ceremony where parents and families are invited to attend and celebrate the pupil’s success.