We are excited to be holding our 2nd Annual Impact Awards at the Richmond Park Hotel, Bo’ness on the 23rd November 2019.  For more details on how you can join us visit this page.

This is your chance to nominate someone* to be centre stage on the evening and get well deserved recognition for their efforts in 2019!  The award categories are…

The Ark (7-11s) 

The Ark is our biggest programme engaging with 000s of young people every week!  All of them have their own stories but if someone stands out to you as deserving special mention why not get in touch and tell us about it!

Catalyst (11-16s) 

Every day we read bad news stories about nuisance teenagers getting up to no good… our own experience though is that there is no end to inspiring young people who go above and beyond for their friends, families and communities.  If you want to nominate a young person who has made an effort to make an impact in their own life or with others – keep scrolling!

Sparks (8-14s)

We are constantly hearing from our coaches about the impact that coaching has on the lives of our young people.  This award is the chance for teachers and coaches who are seeing this first hand to tell us some of the good news stories that are happening across Primary and Secondary schools in the Forth Valley and beyond.

Switch (16-25s)

From young people who are engaging with our employability or personal development programmes to the many volunteers who keep our programmes running all year round there are no shortage of 16-25 year olds who are deserving of this special award in 2019.

Volunteer of the Year 

Our volunteers are all stars!  This is a chance to highlight any exceptional efforts that may have been made by one of our Ark, Catalyst or Sparks volunteers.

Inspiration of the Year

Not everyone fits neatly into an award category so this is your chance to nominate that person who may have otherwise been missed out.  This could be a teacher who has went the extra mile for a pupil or parent.  A parent who has been an inspiration to you or others.  A sibling who goes above and beyond to support their brother or sister… anyone who you think deserves a special mention…

*please note.  All nominations should be people associated with Go! Youth Trust and it’s programmes…