Catalyst Summer Sessions

This summer we have so much for 11-16 year olds to do with a different, exciting Summer Session for you to take part in every single week.

Every session has been planned by our own young people and includes all of the materials you will need to take part!

You will need access to the internet as we will be running the sessions on Zoom or Youtube (depending on which session is running).  If you would like to take part but can’t join online then send us a message and we may be able to help out.

There are 6 sessions to choose from including…

3D Printing Lab | 6th – 10th July

If you could build literally anything what would you build? In 3D printer lab, you’ll have free reign to draw and create anything as long as it fits within a 5cm cube. This could be anything from a trebuchet to a custom phone case! We’ll start the week off by learning how to design 3D objects online then we’ll brainstorm ideas, ending the week by printing your designs. You will then receive your finished product in the post!  

Makers Lab | 13th – 17th July

Calling all those interested in things that move! We’ll be putting our science wisdom to the test learning how to design rockets, crazy paper planes and salt powered cars! The best part is you’ll get to make all these things yourself! We’ll be making planes that do loop the loops, planes that fly like a bat and planes that come back to you once you throw themYou’ll also get your very own kit car to build that runs off salt and water! If you are interested, sign up to receive your pack in the post with everything you will need.  

Campers Kitchen | 20th – 24th July  

Have you been baking or cooking during lockdown and want to show off your skills? Or maybe you haven’t ever tried this but would like to? Campers Kitchen is all about learning new recipes that you can make or try. The start of the week we will be learning how to cook two different recipes together and at the end of the week, we will be doing our own Great Covid Bake Off! For this week you will receive a resource pack with all you need including an apron, vouchers and bake off stand.  

Art Studio | 27th – 31st July

If you want to learn some new art skills or improve on those you have already, this is the week for you! Join Art Studio to learn different Art techniques such as painting, calligraphy and photography challenges. We will be creating artwork together over zoom and you will receive a pack at the start of the week with all the resources you need to join in. No need to have previous art skills – this week is all about creativity! 

GYT Productions | 3rd – 7th August

Always wanted to be on the news? This is your moment! GYT are commissioning a special news broadcast and you’ll be in charge of coming up with special news segments covering life in lockdown! We’ll have a special guest come to teach us how to make a great news broadcast and by the end of the week, we’ll be publishing our first GYT film. Now is your time to shine – sign up now!  

Dance Studio | 10th – 14th August 

Everyone likes to have a dance now and again no matter how much rhythm they have! This week is all about dance for those who have done it before and those who haven’t ever tried it.  We will be focusing on different styles of dance with a special guest to teach us some choreography, dancing over zoom, learning new TikTok dances and keeping fit while doing it! Sign up if you want to be involved in this fun week!  

So what are you waiting for?? Sign up for the sessions you want to take part in – right now!

We will also be running drop in sessions and other activities throughout the summer so keep following our social media pages to stay up to date!