School was hard for Jason.  Everyday he struggled with distractions and could easily feel his emotions getting the better of him.  This made for a difficult few years for Jason as he dealt with suspensions and not getting to enjoy the things he liked most about school.

His teacher contacted Go! Youth Trust and asked if we could provide some regular support for Jason.  Over the next two years Jason met with Duncan every week and enjoyed having someone at school who was just there to listen and support him.  Jason and his family got involved in many of the other programmes GYT offered like family weekends and youth clubs.

Since starting the coaching Jason is now thriving at school, helpful to his peers and polite to his teacher!

“The coaching has made a big difference at school and at home… at home he had a really bad temper but that has all changed since working with Duncan.  I’m very proud on how far he has come.” Jason’s Mum

Watch Jason’s story from our Impact Awards below…

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Sparks – Impact Award Winner 2019