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Go! Youth Trust has a team of 100+ volunteers who are vital to our work.  Most of our volunteers come from our local church partners but we also have people from all over the country supporting our weekends and residentials.  We are constantly recruiting for…

Coaches to go into local primary and secondary schools supporting young people to achieve their full potential.  Coaches give an hour a week to get to know their pupil doing activities to build rapport and trust and spending some time reflecting on the school week and preparing for the next.  Full training and ongoing supervision is given.

Befrienders to meet with young people in the community and develop a positive relationship through shared interests and activities.  Befrienders give 2-3 hours per week in the evenings or weekends to meet with young people.  Full training and ongoing supervision is given.

Support volunteers help us deliver our children’s and youth outreaches across central Scotland.  With over 300 young people engaging in these services every year we are constantly developing our team.

All of our volunteers go through our application, interview and safeguarding processes.  There is no guarantee applicants will receive a volunteering position.  If you are interested in volunteering with us please fill out the form below.